Senior Front End Developer

New York, United States | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


The Barbarian Group is looking for an experienced front-end web developer to join the team. You will assist in leading the development efforts of a small team for a global electronics brand, alongside the Tech Lead. Primary skills include impeccable, clear communication and the ability to stay organized while working on multiple projects. We use Git for version control on all projects. Please include a couple of links to work in Github or send code samples to us along with your resumé.

What we're looking for:

  • 4+ years professional experience in client-site web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks (including AngularJS and ReactJS) and templating libraries (Handlebars or Dust).
  • Familiarity with CSS pre-processors and taskrunners. We swear by SASS and GULP, but are always looking for people to convince us otherwise.
  • Expertise in responsive development techniques, best practices and mobile optimization. You are someone who'll try and squeeze every possible bit of performance out of a website.
  • You have an uncanny ability to squash bugs across various browsers, devices and platforms. (Don't worry, no debugging of IE versions below 9 will be required.) Your arsenal includes an intimate familiarity with various browser quirks, display hacks and all of the features of Chrome Dev Tools.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. You have the ability to clearly communicate complex technical concepts and decision making rationale to both internal team members as well as to clients.
  • Battle-tested Git experience. Someone who can resolve merge conflicts blindfolded (however, we don't encourage this.) You can evangelize and enforce pull-request workflow and can manage the contributions of multiple developers across several time zones.
  • Willingness to work collaboratively with external agencies and partners.
  • A strong aesthetic sensibility. Someone who cares equally about the quality of their code as well as what renders in the browser.
  • The ability to spot technical red flags a mile away, assess and communicate risk, and plan thoughtful, extensible solutions.
  • You can effectively delegate daily tasks to your team while focusing on the bigger picture.
  • Mentoring and supporting junior developers is something you care about.
  • Experience implementing analytics suites (e.g. Google, Omniture) and video from a CDN (e.g. Brightcove, Vimeo).

Other things we love:

  • Figuring out new things to do with Node, AngularJS, ReactJS, Polymer, data viz, and anything else new and shiny.
  • Working with APIs, incorporating data from various sources.
  • Experimenting and prototyping with new technologies to produce visually engaging displays.
  • Finding opportunity in inefficiencies.
  • Anything Paul Irish is talking about