Creative Director (Copy)

New York, United States | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


Purpose of role

As a member of the Barbarian Creative department you will influence changes in consumer behaviour through ideas, creativity and the use of interactive media. You will make a difference to digital communications, marketing, advertising and inspire the best global brands.

You will lead the Copywriting team to produce concepts and copy that make a difference to consumers’ behavior and to our client’s brands through ideas, creativity and language. You will provide leadership for Barbarian’s brands, review the work of other ACD’s and Copywriters to ensure the quality of copy and content. You will understand a brand’s look and feel to establish TOV, art direction, style and tone of communication. You will work on projects across several growth clients. You will have line management responsibilities for junior members of the copy department.

Contributing to Barbarian’s Creative values: Innovation, Service, Craft and Thought; you will be excited about being part of our success. You will thrive when faced with new challenges and will constantly strive to improve the way things are done for our clients.

Deliverables (criteria by which success can be measured)

  • Deliver and inspire award-winning work from both yourself and others who work with you, influencing where appropriate a dramatic change through ideas, creativity and the use of interactive media.

  • Consistently deliver a number of successful solutions and high-quality work to clients on time.

  • High level internal and external client satisfaction.

  • High level of team satisfaction.

  • High level of accuracy and attention to detail.

  • Learn new skills and stay abreast of technical and digital design developments and successfully apply these to work practices to help improve processes and procedures.

  • Participate in a number of pitches. Key technical competencies

    Creative briefs

    Can contribute to development of a well-defined creative brief and any additional briefing documents. Listens and responds to a brief, understanding where/if there are gaps; knows what questions to ask during briefing session in order to act upon it, and understands how to respond to a brief.

    Idea generation

    Leads by example to inspire colleagues to create world-class, innovative ideas that deliver successful solutions. Plays an active role in brainstorming or idea generation with all members of Creative team to conceptualise world-class, innovative ideas that deliver successful solutions. Clearly communicates ideas and thoughts.

Copywriting craft skills

Writes compelling, beautifully constructed copy for a variety of clients and audiences, and across a variety of media. Even under pressure and while delivering multiple projects, never compromises quality. Able to write with speed, consistency, accuracy and creative flair. Able to respond positively to feedback from client and re-draft copy (while retaining its impact) to meet their comments. Demonstrates excellent grammar and spelling skills, with minimal amends from proofreading. Signs off copy written by team members. Ensures execution and delivery of high-quality work to clients that is on time and on budget.

Scriptwriting and storyboarding

Able to write scripts for film, animation or moving image content or concepts, and work with designers to produce clear storyboards that communicate an idea. Able to craft voiceover scripts that are fluid, natural. Able to write casting briefs and input into the casting of voiceover or film talent. Able to attend recording sessions and guide voiceover talent on style, amending scripts on the fly if necessary. Able to help designers direct shoots.

Style guide creation and adherence

Able to interpret and follow brand and tone of voice guidelines. If none exist, able to request right information from team in order to receive guidance on tone of voice. Also able to guide both team and client on tone of voice if feedback received directly contradicts guidelines.

New business development

Contributes to ideas and creative work for pitches as well as helping craft copy for any presentations or documents.

Barbarian Creative Competencies


Displays an enthusiasm for creating pioneering ideas and is excited by the challenge of moving in new (and potentially more difficult) creative directions. Able to understand the value of analysing what has worked in the past and applies these learnings to future thinking.


Able to balance specific client demands with project realities and can reliably close the loop on all open issues in a timely manner. Has a strong sense of personal responsibility for their work and that of their teammates and will proactively provide assistance (no matter the situation) to ensure delivery of highest quality work within required timeframes.


Possesses a strong bias to action and is able to consistently deliver high quality work within required timeframes. Goes the extra mile to ensure deliverables meet the highest standards and strives for creative perfection. Is positive, upbeat and committed to their working life and makes a positive contribution to team morale.


Has the ability to think issues through before acting and knows when to escalate. Possesses strong listening skills and asks open-ended questions to ensure full understanding. Able to present information effectively via multiple channels and is at ease presenting ideas or solutions in team meetings or the occasional larger group setting.

Qualifications and experience

  • Proven experience working as a Associate Creative Director Copy.

  • A successful track record of copywriting and concepting, including experience in the digital channel.

  • Experience working in a creative/agency environment is advantageous.

  • A degree, or similar, in English Language, Advertising Communication or another writing-related

    course preferred.

  • Wide experience of writing scripts for video/film/radio/animation, casting and attending recordings; as well as experience in, and enthusiasm for, a broad range of online or offline copy; including, ad campaigns, HTML/rich media emails, online campaigns, social media content, microsites, websites or mobile.

  • Experience of nurturing and growing client relationships.

  • Experience contributing to new business development and working with Art teams on new business


  • Exceptional information presentation (visual and written) experience.

  • Demonstrated success leading collaborative multi-functional teams, including Project Management,

    Copywriting and Concepting.

  • Considerable experience of European and or Global projects.

  • A strong track record in large-scale project planning, including accurate estimation of costs and timing, with limited overruns.

  • Extensive experience with all the relevant software packages and hardware, and a working knowledge of emerging platforms.