Creative Technology Lead

New York, United States | Full-time | COVID-19 remote



Barbarian is seeking a Creative Technology Lead with a strong background in experimentation and prototyping and leading technical projects. This is a 50/50 hands on and lead role which will focus on collaborating with Barbarian to build out one of a kind digital customer experiences. As a Creative Technology Lead, you will have the ability to leverage your creativity, tech, project planning, project execution and people skills to build B2B and B2C solutions.

The scope of the role will be inclusive of the following:

● Drive concept development, experimentation and platform/technology research to create and implement concepts and functional prototypes

● Recommend new innovative solutions on the market in regards to AR & VR Technologies. Pushing for innovation with new emerging platforms and technologies

● Participate in key meetings as part of the typical sprint cadence of an agile project workflow (standup, product demo, retrospective etc.)

● Translate designs and wireframes into reusable components and front-end libraries
● Communicate the benefits, challenges, and constraints of approach to project deliverables
● Provide technical support for workstreams in long-term management and support
● Closely collaborate and communicate across multidisciplinary teams, including strategy, design and program management
● Clearly communicate problems and propose solutions, in writing and in conversation
● Experience with building out documentation for technology solutions


● 5+ years experience with established development processes (e.g. code reviews, pattern libraries, distributed version control, unit testing, frontend build systems etc.).

● 5+ years experience & proficiency with design tools (Adobe Creative Suite, Figma) and technical rapid prototyping skills (HTML/CSS/Javascript, Unity 3D, Three.js, etc).

● 3+ years of experience integrating with enterprise technologies (CMS / Commerce systems, 1st and 3rd party APIs, Analytics, Tag Management etc.)

● 3+ years of client relationship management experience
● Augmented and/or Virtual Reality development experience needed
● Provide leadership and mentoring for Engineering team
● Ability to multitask and manage multiple work streams in parallel
● Delivery experience with Coupled, Progressively Coupled and Fully Decoupled Architectures
● Commonly integrates with REST APIs and data exchange protocols like GraphQL, JSON and XML ● Ability to quickly develop prototypes in addition to production ready projects
● Strong organizational, communication skills, both oral and written

04: Nice to Haves
● DevOps and software architecture experience
● Experience with Web XR Technologies (8th Wall, ZappAR, etc)
● Experience with motion capture equipment such as Xsens, Opti-track, Rokoko.
● Experience in Houdini
● Experience with Raspberry pi, Arduino, micro controllers, LED, robotics, motors, batteries, etc. ● Experience with Cinder and/or TouchDesigner

The Tech Lead will report directly to Barbarian’s Director of Technology