Back-end Content Strategist (Freelance)

New York, United States Contract

Our client, a major technology company, is revamping its online customer service efforts. To help, we are building a swat team of experienced professionals to consolidate, streamline and redefine customer service content and processes to provide great customer service now, and better scaling in the future. To this end we need a seasoned back-end content strategist to create the right solutions quickly and efficiently.



  • Lead the way in ensuring that business requirements, content authoring and workflow, and implementation decisions come together in a usable, useful system.
  • Help define the scope of the project.
  • Will lead a review of existing content in order to weed out the outdated, duplicate, or inaccurate content as well as conduct a content, template and component inventory.
  • Will provide a qualitative assessment of the content against various criteria, including business requirements, user needs, and style and brand guidelines.
  • Will identify how content must vary based on customer needs and where each need arises in the customer journey.
  • Will meet with all the content stakeholders throughout the organization to understand what content they own, how it is currently managed, and what their content workflow is like.
  • Create a consistent customer experience across channels.
  • Help form and work with content committees.


We are looking for…

  • 5-10 years experience in content strategy
  • A certified Enterprise Content Management Practitioner or equivalent skills and experience.
  • Someone immersed in the concepts of reusable content, taxonomy, metadata. authoring workflows, and governance—someone that can be the voice of the end user.
  • Experience designing personalized content, content-as-a-service, or multichannel/omnichannel materials for enterprise as well as consumer products.
  • Experience documenting the role each content process and tool plays in the content flow and are expert at creating valuable artifacts that guide future deployment.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including technical writing skills
  • Ability to modularize content so that it can be automatically reused to meet customer needs.
  • Ability to develop format-free structured content models.
  • Ability to define the URL patterns, taxonomy, metadata and structure of the CMS repository
  • Develop business rules to identify how content should be assembled
  • Create editorial workflows, guidelines, and style guides that support efficient publishing while also ensuring appropriate governance.
  • Create content governance models.
  • Define structured-writing guidelines.


Barbarian is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). We strongly support diversity in the workforce.